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We used the specifications set by the American Cornhole Association for the platform.

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Just flip the board and reattach the legs for your choice of washer toss or bean bag toss.Your cornhole toss set will be the center of attention and a huge conversation piece at your next cook-out or party.Bean bag toss (or cornhole depending on where you live) is an outdoor game that anyone of any age and athletic ability can play.

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These instructions will make one set of two tabletop (8 inches wide by 11 inches long) tabletop corn hole game boards.

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The game of Corn Hole--also known as Bags or Baggo depending on the part of the country in which the game is being played--is generally considered one of the most popular sports when tailgating.

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Cornhole is a game in which contestants attempt to toss bags full of corn kernels into a hole in a flat board.The game originated in Germany, but was rediscovered in the Kentucky hills over 100 years ago, where playing cornhole remains a favorite pasttime.This bean bag toss game is just one example of many great family games you can enjoy.

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While the game itself is fun enough to get your close ones together for a round or two of bean bag tossing, building a.

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Despite what Urban Dictionary says, cornhole is a backyard game that is grounded on a simple premise: get a 1-pound beanbag through a hole in a board.Players toss bean bags and try to get them into a hole in the board.

You can learn You will also need eight mini bean bags to play the game.In addition to the plans, we also have a video tutorial on Youtube to help guide you through the build.The game has a standard-size board of 2 feet by 4 feet, placed at a slant of 10.8 degrees, with a 6-inch diameter hole placed 9 inches away from the top of the board.

In depth, 10 page downloadable PDF Plans for making a cornhole board toss set.

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My husband and I recently made one for our annual 4th of July cook-out and loved how.Cornhole toss is a great activity to play while tailgating or enjoying your next barbecue.

We made this for a lot less than what a comparable well made cornhole toss game could cost in the retail stores.

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Cornhole is also sometimes call Corn Toss, Corn Hole, Bean Toss, Bean Bag, Indiana Horseshoes and Soft Horseshoes.Especially one that you can customize with your favorite sports team logo or your favorite colors.These unique designs will really provide a unique character to your cornhole board, and on a simpler level, make it much more aesthetically appealing.

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We are really working hard to be your one stop for all things related to the game of cornhole.Cornhole bags are a fast beginning sewing project suitable for new sewists.